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Log of Smallship One - Passionate and Confused

Not so much breaking the fourth wall as installing patio doors and a cat flap

Zander Nyrond
19 December 1955
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The "control" room of the smallship (the quotes are deliberate) is large but cluttered with books, papers, data storage media of various kinds and sheer kipple. Hunched in the swivel chair surrounded by consoles is a tall hairy idiot with larger than average nose and ears, an air of perpetual bewilderment and a well-developed pasta pod. He usually wears dingy black, but can be seen these days in other colours. You may see him reading, scribbling furiously on a block-pad, drawing, or trying out tunes on the synthesiser which seems to be part of the astrogation console. Sometimes there is music of an outmoded and highly self-indulgent persuasion. All this notwithstanding (and, given the clutter, notwithsitting either) he seems to be happy to receive visitors and chat...

Notes for the unwary visitor: friend me and I will friend you back, but know this. I have settled opinions on many subjects, which I will sometimes use my journal to advance. On almost all of them I am open to, and indeed interested in, new information, but whether I change my mind or not is ultimately up to me, and in the absence of any compelling need to do so I will continue to believe what I want to believe, and if pushed too far will back into a corner and pull it in after me. Example: quantum theory. I don't deny that it fits the currently available facts, but I choose to believe that it will eventually be superseded by a view of the universe that makes more sense to an ordinary mind. Since my non-belief in it doesn't affect either it or me, I reserve the right to continue therein till further notice.

On one or two things I am completely closed-minded and will not entertain debate. I'm finding out what they are as I go: one is the practice of torture, for which I will accept no justification or argument whatsoever. Another, more general, is the idea that the end can ever, in any way, justify the means; it cannot. Bad means can, however, taint and circumvent the pursuit of good ends. You cannot attain social equality by creating racist bogeymen and staging witch hunts. You cannot bring harmony between the genders by fostering hate and fear of one of them. The weapons of evil can never serve the cause of good, and anyone who tells you they can is selling something, probably a weapon of evil.

Best, on the whole, just not to go there. If I go there, just ignore it: I'll be venting rather than calling for discussion.

These, of course, are guidelines rather than actual rules... :)

This, however, is a rule: if you wish to comment on religion in this journal, do so politely, respectfully, and in a spirit of dialogue, or your comment will be deleted.

I have lots of interesting stuff to sell!

Including my new(ish) album, The Filk Of Human Kindness - Futeurised!